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Tencel yarn

Classification:Yarn Products

Species:Tencel yarn

Characteristic:Tencel both hygroscopic, elegant and silky, comfort and other advantages of ordinary viscose fiber excellent, to overcome the ordinary viscose fiber strength is low, especially the defects of low wet strength, its strength is almost similar with polyester.

Application field:Tencel is suitable for a wide range, can almost cover textile fields, whether it is cotton, wool, silk, hemp products, or knitted or woven field can produce high quality products.

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Tencel (Tencel fiber is) British company Acocdis LYOCELL fiber brand names in China registered Chinese called Tencell, the fiber wood pulp as a new fiber material solvent produced by the method of spinning. It has the "comfort" of the cotton, the "strength" of the polyester, the "luxurious beauty" of the wool fabric, and the "unique touch" of the silk and the soft drop  . In the wet state, it is the first wet strength of cellulose fiber is far better than cotton. One hundred percent pure natural materials, manufacturing process and environmental protection, make way of life to protect the natural environment for this, to fully meet the needs of modern consumers, and green environmental protection, called the green fiber in twenty-first Century.

Tencel is a cellulose fiber, using solvent spinning technology, dry strength is slightly lower than that of polyester, but significantly higher than the viscose fiber, viscose wet ratio has improved significantly, with very high rigidity, good dimensional stability washing (only 2% shrinkage), moisture absorption is higher. The fiber cross-section is round or oval, shiny and beautiful, soft hand feeling, good drapability, elegant and good. To sum up: with Tencel: 1  cotton soft;2 high strength polyester; 3  wool warm   but it is in hot and humid conditions in cold water, easy to harden, pick down is not good.

In Europe, in addition to (Courtaulds)   the company to Tencel name of the production of apparel fabrics with Lyocell. There are Lenzing and AKZO companies are the name of the Lenzing-Lyocell and Newcel production of Lyocell (filament type). In Japan, there have also been the introduction of Lyocell manufacturing technology.




Basic structure

Tencel fiber, fiber tansill, also called "Tencel", is mainly to the conifer wood pulp, water and solvent mixed amine oxide, heating to dissolve completely, any derivatives and chemical effects will not occur in the dissolution process, the impurity and direct spinning, its molecular structure is simple carbohydrates. Tencel fiber can be completely decomposed in the soil, no pollution to the environment; in addition, used in the production of amine oxide solvent completely harmless to the human body, almost complete recovery can be used repeatedly, in the production of raw materials of pulp cellulose molecules contained no chemical change, no by-products, no waste discharged outside the factory, environmental protection or green fiber. The fabric has excellent moisture absorption, comfort, drape and stiffness and good dyeing, and can be blended with cotton, wool, linen, acrylic, polyester etc., can ring spinning, air spinning, core spun spinning, spinning into various cotton core spun yarn and Mao Xingsha, etc.. Tencel (Tencel) is a kind of solvent type cellulose fiber, is a British Acordis company through the development for ten years, until the last century, was completed in 90s of commercial applications, is the most typical of green fiber. May 2004 consolidated production by the Lenzing Co after the merger. The environmental characteristics: raw materials from wood, to natural regeneration, will be made of wood pulp (NMMO), the spinning process of wood pulp dissolved in the oxidation of ammonium direct spinning solvent, fully completed in Physics under the effect of oxidation of ammonium solvent recycling, recovery rate of more than 99%, non-toxic and pollution-free, Tencel products after use the biochemical degradation, will not cause pollution to the environment. It is called "twenty-first Century green fiber", and get the international green certificate.



Basic performance

1、Higher dry strength and wet strength.

2、The stress and strain characteristics of Tencel make it more flexible with cellulose fiber, which is easier to blend.

Tencel fiber

Tencel fiber

3、And Tencel with high wet modulus of fabric shrinkage rate is very low. Yarn shrinkage is only --044%.

4、High strength suitable for the production of ultra-fine fiber. (ring, rotor, air spinning) suitable for weaving thin fabric (80g/m2) and heavy fabric.

5、Tencel fabric can be pretreated with traditional cellulose fiber, bleaching and dyeing process.

6、Tencel fiber circular cross-section and good appearance of the longitudinal Tencel fabric with silk like luster, excellent feel and drape, clothing with a sense of elegance.

7、And Tencel have the characteristics of fibrillation. Through the control of fibrillation, can be made of peach, sand washing, velvet and other surface effect fabric, form a new aesthetic, suitable for the development of new thin optical variability of trendy products.


Basic application

(一)Tencel fabric

1、Hua Dane (350g/m2) and poplin

100%TencelTencel/ superfine polyester 60/40 blended fabric

2、Tencel copper ammonia fiber interwoven silk. Light weight (250g/m2) silk as a coat

Tencel fiber

Tencel fiber

And dress materials etc.

3、Tencel/ linen   50/50 light sport jacket fabric, hidden stripe or pattern and 100%Tencel heavy head of silk and twill, used as dark jacket, etc.

4、100% pounds lighter (Tencel) dyeing silk fabric with monochrome or linen blended fabric for underwear, dress materials etc.

5、Tencel/ nylon single fabric interwoven lightweight fabric

6、Tencel- cotton spandex warp and Weft Elasticity

Tencel-cotton- nylon / spandex round

7、Tencel- wool gabardine. The fabric can be obtained through the appearance of silk wool

8、High grade denim -55%Tencel fiber, 30% coarse twill fabric melt spinning fiber, 15% cotton fiber

(二)Industrial textile products

1、High quality work clothes, protective clothing, labor protection in harsh environments.

2、Printing blanket, coating substrate, flame retardant fabric, high stability and moisture absorption industrial products.

3、The Tencel velvet towel, velvet fabric, hygroscopic and feel good.

4、Used as (Tencel yarn) sewing thread, tire cord, etc.

5、Thin sanitary disposable products, such as dressing material, wipes, diapers, medical fabrics.

Tencel fiber

Tencel fiber

6、High strength, non deformation and thermal stability products. Coating substrate.

7、High strength, pure, no smell, no chemical composition of synthetic cellulose non-woven fabrics.

8、Cigarette filter tip.

9、Specialty paper.

10、Decorative products. In the United States, the more popular pound and heavy denim overalls, colored woven fabric, cloth cloth, thin heavy pants, shirt fabric, round knitted fabrics, heavy heavy pants. In Western Europe, plain weave, printed fabrics, denim work clothes, Outerwear, knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics, industrial fabrics.